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Ads Management

Do advertisers want to place banner ads on your website or mobile app and you need help?

We take care of the insertion of ads banners whatever is the targeted channel (website, mobile, Instant Page, AMP ...)

A variety of formats for all your needs

We adapt your website or your mobile app

to create zones for online ads

Your advertisers will only have to choose the format that suits them and we will take care of everything else.

  • Banner
    Format:Pad : 728*90
    Smartphone: 300*50
  • Block
    Format:Pad : 728*984
    Smartphone: 320*480
  • Mega Banner
    Format:Pad : 728*360
    Smartphone: 300*450
  • Overlay
    Format:Pad : 300*250
    Smartphone: 300*250

Follow your performances

You want to track the performance of ads on your site, report and analyze your ROI.

All this will be facilitated through our statistical monitoring platform.

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