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Web and mobile analytics

Learn more about your visitors

Where do people come from to visit your site? When do they leave? Which marketing campaigns work best?

To answer all the questions you ask yourself, our experts are based on a dashboard of indicators. This one will allow you to:

Measure the performance of your communication actions

Identify your key success factors

Anticipate any difficulties

Reach your goals

Measure your performance

Measure your performance, analyze your strengths and weaknesses and develop your action plan

We analyze the statistical data of your digital channels and define the best strategy to significantly increase the traffic of to your website and increase your conversion rate.

A complete panel of tools

to control your data

Google Analytics

Who has never heard of this statistical monitoring tool ?

It allows you to measure your audience, know more about it and develop it

Google Tags

Manage all your tags centrally with this tool. You will have access to all data collected on a single interface


Alexa delivers results by traffic, by keywords and analyzes the profile of your visitors. It also offers a ranking of websites by country

Facebook analytics

Get complete statistics of your Facebook pages. Get a better view of your audience, age, gender, location

Tanit Web Reporting Service
Follow your statistics

The Reporting Service of Tanit Web, provides you with complete statistical reporting of your website

Weekly reports

for your Adwords campaigns for continuous monitoring and increased responsiveness

Monthly reports

on your positions and your traffic

Quarterly balance sheets

understanding a complete analysis of your performance as well as recommendations

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